About us


JANAK ENTERPRISE was formed in 1993 through the carve-out of major portions of the dyes activities of the inkjet Group, which means it has many years of experience to look back on, This is the basis on which JANAK ENTERPRISE now develops, produces and markets a portfolio consisting of specialty dyes. In doing so, JANAK ENTERPRISE provides reliable solutions worldwide for a wide range of different applications. JANAK ENTERPRISE has the experience and sound market knowledge often established global player, combined with the commitment of a new, young enterprise.

This is a combination that makes JANAK ENTERPRISE strong and active. We are ready to break new ground, when and wherever our customers ask us to go.

The company is also looking for a potential coloration to globalize its products through and appropriate efforts such as joint Venture, Technology Transfer, Marketing of the products as a selling agent or any other mutual arrangement.

While our company has achieved spectacular in all areas, our commitment to our customers and our corporate values reflecting our concern for quality,customer’s satisfaction and environment protection will remain foremost inour entire endeavor.



We are good corporate citizen, hence leave no stone unturned to keep environment clean. We are leading supplier to the inkjet printer market. We give you assurance for most cost effective colors format SOHO printers or an advanced wide format for printing on paper, plastics and textiles also.

A routine Research & Development programs are carried out continuously in our well equipped laboratory to achievement the following objectives:

  • Improvement in quality by improving manufacturing technology and process.
  • Low manufacturing and process improvement.
  • Conduct exploratory research to development new product lines and markets.
  • Development new products and processes that are environmentally responsible.
  • To development improved manufacturing process and technology for them fine tuning of product quality.


  1. PH, Viscosity, Conductivity/Resistivity measurements
  2. Wet chemistry (classical analysis)
  3. High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), photo diode array detector (quantification of subsidiary colors and intermediates)
  4. Liquid chromatography (LC) (identification of intermediates)
  5. UV/VIS spectrophotometry (color matching, pure dye content)
  6. Gas chromatography (GC) (purity and intermediates in raw materials)
  7. Moisture determination
  8. Thin layer chromatography (TLC)
  9. Atomic absorption / emission spectroscopy (AA) (Metal Analysis)
  10. Direct current plasma spectophotometry (Metal  by atomic emission)
  11. Potensiometric tiration
  12. Colorimetry and color matching capabilities
  13. Ion chromatography (IC), Isocratic and gradiant systems (inorganic salts {chlorides and sulphates} cations)
  14. Particle size determination


One of JANAK ENTERPRISE technologies primary strengths is its expertise In dyes and printing colors JANAK ENTERPRISE offers a full spectrum and capabilities for digital imaging, including finished inks, component dyes.